Design Fail: Microsoft Office 2019 New UI

In Oct 2018, Microsoft released the new MS Office 2019. The overall UI design changed little, but this version could be the worst in the past decade. 1. Unseparated Tabs Microsoft introduced Ribbons in Office 2007 (Win Vista) replacing traditional menus. A typical ribbon includes Tabs for navigating through different command groups, and Tools Area […]

Configuring IKEv2 VPN on Windows 10 Mobile with SD Card / NTFS Soft Link

As mentioned in the last post, due to some ridiculous changes by Microsoft, you cannot set up an IKEv2 VPN in Settings GUI on Windows 10 Mobile. Usually this can only be done with MDM. However, some people on XDA-Dev、wfun和WindowsCentral find solutions for this issue.

Tips for IKEv2 VPN (strongswan) with Certificate Authentication

This post does NOT provide full tutorial of setting-up IKEv2 VPN. Please refer to Vultr’s Guide for step-by-step tutorial. Pure certificate authentication means certificates are used for both server & client authentication. No PSK (pre-shared key) is involved. Pros: safer than weak password; can’t be easily shared by verbal; no need to share the server […]

Installing ocserv (OpenConnect Server) on CentOS 7 with Certificate Authentication

Although the title reads CentOS 7, this post actually applies to most RedHat releases. On CentOS 6, you have to compile ocserv manually and deal with many dependency issues. But on CentOS 7, the configuration is fairly easy. Apply for server certificate Generate a CSR In the following prompts, only Common Name is mandatory. Fill […]

Install WP Plugin Via Webpage On CentOS7/SL7

RHEL7/CentOS7/SL7 is SELinux-enabled by default. Therefore, some valid operations on v6 may be denied on v7. For example, if you install Apache from default repo and WordPress, you won’t be able to install plugin via webpage. Apache’s attempt to connect to ftp and ftp’s attempt to read other files are denied by SELinux. The solution […]

Configure FTPS (FTP over SSL) for vsftpd on Scientific Linux 6

UPDATE (2013-05-06) This how-to does NOT work for WordPress plugin update. There are mainly three forms of FTP: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – the original protocol. Very widely used, but not encrypted. It is becoming more and more vulnerable. SFTP (SSH FTP) – using SSH to carry FTP transfer. Commands are very similar to FTP, […]